Photo of Thomas Clay Jr. Publisher at ANX Media. About Us

Welcome ANX Media. We’re all about telling truth to power with a little bit of snark. Our publisher, Thomas Clay, Jr. is an effete snob who has forgotten Benghazi every day for years. He’s a commie-loving socialist who hates freedom as much as he hates bacon.

Thomas Clay Jr. is also known as Lord Voldemort, Dr. Evil, and NostraThomas, the predictor of all things U.S. politics. We also feel obligated to warn you that many of his posts are actually written by his cats.

Photo of Thomas Clay Jr.'s kittehs, ANX Media's most prolific writers.

A Statement from ANX Media’s Publisher, Thomas Clay, Jr.

Hi, I’m Thomas. Welcome to mai website. I figured I should start a new website when I got several hundred friend request after Occupy Democrats posted one of my Trump rants. I’m glad you’re here.

I’m glad our mutual hatred of the orange shitdemon has brought us together and we can enjoy the looming impeachment and service of justice on the Trump family together.

Despite my colorful verbiage and swears when I am addressing certain malefactors, on my profile I expect everyone to be kind. This is especially true of men addressing women. If you forget this at any point, I will *always* take the woman’s side. That’s the way I was raised and if you don’t like it, there’s the door. 

If You Send a Friend Request to Me on Facebook and I don’t respond…

I will get to the friend request eventually. I have been stalked and received countless death threats for abusing certain philistines with verbiage that forces most of them to open a dictionary. It’s also not easy for me to open up to strangers so bear with me until I can check out your profile and make sure you’re not a square. Freaks and the demented ones usually get through.

Also, do not post animal abuse videos, ever. I don’t need that shit in my life.

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