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Thomas Clay is an effete snob who has forgotten Benghazi every day for years. He's a commie-loving soshulist who hates freedom as much as he hates bacon.

Travel Is Fatal To Racism

January 23, 2019 Thomas Clay 0

If you ask a smoker who the most intolerable people are to be around, it’s a reformed smoker. Know why? Because those of us who are won’t listen to your bullshit cognitive dissonance because we’ve […]

Real Men Do Not Rape

January 23, 2019 Thomas Clay 0

I got back to the stairway and I looked up and I saw these two guys whispering. Then one walked out of view towards Mary. As I came up the steps, I heard the door lock click. […]

Mel The Murderer

January 23, 2019 Thomas Clay 0

My dad got this famous murder case once. His name was Mel Ignatow. You may have seen it on American Justice and several other specials. He was a wealthy man. He was acquitted at his […]

An Ode To Dr. King

January 22, 2019 Thomas Clay 0

When I was a kid and hanging around my pop in Danville, we would go up to the ‘slop house’ which is a cafe under the viaduct. He would often go up there and say, […]

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