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Thomas Clay is an effete snob who has forgotten Benghazi every day for years. He's a commie-loving soshulist who hates freedom as much as he hates bacon.

A Harlem Globetrotters Tale

January 22, 2019 Thomas Clay 0

You have to have a certain kind of mind to put your finger on something that’s hard to understand. This isn’t easy for me to talk about either because it forces me to look back […]

Rape Effects Everyone

January 22, 2019 Thomas Clay 0

*TRIGGERS* I have a confession. My sister was raped by her boyfriend when she was 15. My other sister had just been diagnosed with a pituitary cyst and so she was getting all the attention […]

Libertarians Are Nihilistic Snotlings

January 22, 2019 Thomas Clay 0

For the last time, you Libertarian snotlings, THERE IS NO FREE MARKET IN HEALTH CARE! Never was, never will be.  Why? Because no morally functioning human being wants to ask themselves whether it is “economically […]

Rudy Really Stepped In It

January 22, 2019 Thomas Clay 0

Folks, you know me well enough to appreciate that I really am not prone to spew hyperbole. My allegiance is always to the truth and the truth alone. So let me say this, the lawyer […]

Buzzfeed Got It Right

January 22, 2019 Thomas Clay 0

The most interesting thing of the day is this; nobody has denied the Buzzfeed story. All the sycophants were asked if they deny the story. On Fox, the talking point was that Buzz Feed is […]

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