Laura Ingraham Is The Worst Person In The World

The Fox channel’s potatriots are always quick to let everyone know just how much they love freedom, America and the troops. THE TROOPS ARE WHY YOU ARE FREE LIBTURDS! You wouldn’t even know the taste of freedom fries without the troops.

When Obama was the president, he regularly dishonored the troops because that’s just what the libs do after we wake up and use our constitution toilet paper after drinking a soy latte with kale. Sarah Palin has reminded everyone that they are all about the constitution and freedom mostly. There’s some bad news on the freedom front, in yet another act of spite to wipe away everything president Obama did, you won’t be traveling to Cuba anytime soon because conservatives don’t want you to have that freedom or women to have the freedom to govern your own body.

Trump yet again embarrassed the nation by reading a speech written for him by an apparent uppity college graduate who used lot of college words that were too difficult for Trump to read today during the 75th anniversary of D-Day. The draft-dodger in chief cobbled through his speech which seemed like interminable gabble before he flew back to Ireland where he could play golf at the expense of the American tax payers.

Always the party of personal responsibility and fiscal responsibility, the White House rented limousines from a funeral home for two days for the paltry sum of just $1 million despite having the presidential limo on hand to take him anywhere he wanted to go. Take that Obama!

Though everything Republicans do is about honoring the troops, Laura Ingraham and Raymund Arroyo got lost in all the excitement of the 75th anniversary of D-Day while they discussed some ‘pathetic political props’ in the American cemetery in Normandy.

9300 men are buried in that cemetery but this is how Laura Ingraham ‘honors the troops’ who died and that terrible day 75 years ago. This is the disconnect that has always afflicted those trapped in the Fox bubble. Sure they care about freedom, just as long as you go where you’re told. Sue they care about the constitution except when they are imposing their religious beliefs onto you and yours in some dystopic Christian nightmare. Of course they honor the troops, except when they are cutting funding to the VA and laughing up a storm while on the consecrated ground 9000 Americans died taking.

For all Republicans, hypocrisy is thy name.

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