Don’t Fret Patriots, Manafort’s Sentence Doesn’t Matter

Do not despair about the shitbag Manafort sentencing folks. The only reason why a federal judge would make a complete ass of himself before the entire country is in the hope he gets an appointment to a higher court which the Moron In Chief is sure to do since the senate just confirmed a 37-year-old who had tried just four cases in her life to a lifetime appoint on the federal bench after previously working for what the SPLC calls a hate group. 

Manfort will be 70 on April first. Life expectancy for a white male in the US is 72 years. Let’s suppose he goes to the best Club Fed there is in Danbury Connecticut. He has just past 3 more years to serve on these charges alone. In the prison system, the food is something a starving dog wouldn’t eat. It’s starchy and fatty to fill up the inmates. Manafort already suffers from the gout and that kind of food is going to make him fatter. His cholesterol will go up with his blood sugar and salt becomes an indulgence that also increases hypertension. Couple that with the added stress of sleeping on concrete or steel beds with a 2 inch mat and you get some idea of how much it is going to suck for Manafort and cut down on his life expectancy. 

Next week he is going to face a judge who isn’t an embarrassment to her profession and she will sentence Manafort to a term that he will not survive. That much is certain. It also does not matter. Any of it. 

What matters is Trump is going to pardon Manafort. The most Manafort is going to do is during Trump’s term and as he is fleeing the White House he will pardon him or reduce his sentence to time served. I would bet good money that the pardons for his kids are already signed just in case he chokes on a Big Mac. Be sure the kids have made certain of this already. 

Let’s imagine the worst case scenario for a moment. Trump lasts until the next election. There is no chance, zero that he wins again after the plurality that showed up in the midterms. (I personally believe he will not be the Republican nominee because Mueller has bombs in the air that will end his presidency) So he is going to bitch and piss and moan about losing but eventually the day will come when he must leave. The moment he is no longer president, he will be taken into custody either by Mueller or by the SDNY. 

As I’ve mentioned before and Chuck Rosenberg confirmed two days ago that if Trump pardons his cronies, he will be guilty of obstruction of justice. If he pardons Stone and Manafort, they lose their 5th amendment rights which means that Mueller can haul them both before the grand jury and if they lie about anything, they get indicted again. Trump cannot open his mouth without lying so he will take the 5th and will spend the rest of his life trying to prove he isn’t the felon we all know he is, from prison. 

Trump for all his vile flaws being the moron that he is is completely predictable. Just when you think he has reached the bottom of the scumbag barrel, he discovers a new hole that he can slither through. What is most important for patriots to do is to motivate anyone to vote in this next election and help wipe these simian goons in Republican cloaks from the body politic. They’re on defense from here on out and we have not yet reached the end of Trump’s scumbagginess. We’re about to discover levels never witnessed in human history.

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