Republican Depravity Has Reached Its Zenith

If you just go by what we have witnessed ourselves in broad daylight, what Putin has done to the United States is the most successful operation ever done by a foreign government. Historians are going to have endless delights writing about the extraordinary treason committed by this criminal administration. I expected horror and I said so the night of the election because I know quite intimately just how stupid the electorate is in this country. I just didn’t expect this amount of corruption.

Just today I was baptized into a level of bubonic dumbfuckery here in California when a spry scientific illiterate came to change a ‘reverse osmosis’ water filter system that delivers what he called ‘alkaline water’ which is more healthy and stuff for a mere $30 a month because the water in Los Angeles just isn’t any good. He wasn’t as familiar with the periodic table as I was so when I asked him which alkaline metal was in this water, he didn’t know because like anyone else who believes in David Avocado Wolfe’s woo woo bullshit, he was a moron. 

I have said for decades now that ALL Republicans are stupid and ALL Republicans are evil. I have been chastised multiple times for making broad generalizations about ALL Republicans because ‘my grandma is a Republican and she’s not an idiot.’ Sorry Bubba, yes she is. 

For me that is the beauty of the Grendel in the White House. He has proven my assertion beyond any doubt. With each passing day he proves what lying hypocritical nihilists they truly are. When I was younger I would often ask political neophytes to name a single redeeming quality that any Republican has? Sometimes they would answer, ‘they’re stronger on national security!’ But these days they don’t even feign that utter nonsense since Trump has demonstrated he cares absolutely nothing about national security. 

To care about anything, you must first understand it and Trump has proven time and again that his only expertise about anything is his perfect incompetence in every subject. It’s not that he doesn’t know anything about any topic, it’s that he is wrong about everything he believes is true. There is literally not one policy or concern of any kind in which Republicans are not the most vile of hypocrites. 

“Well Hillary put our national security in danger because she used a private email server.” 

Jared, Ivanka and many others in this administration have continued to conduct government business by using gmail which is against the law. Has anyone else seen a Republican bitching about this? 

“This country cannot have a president who is under FBI investigation!” 

There are as of right now, 20 active criminal investigations into Trump, his organization and his children *that we know of*. 

“The Clinton Global Initiative is just a way to funnel money to the Clinton’s so they can do stuff for money.” 

The Trump Foundation was shut down by the NY AG for committing *fraud* and forced to pay millions in fines. Trump and his children are forbidden now to be involved with any charity because of their fraud. Trump paid someone to run the bid up at a charity auction on a self portrait to $65,000 so he could say his sold for the most. He used the money from his fraudulent charity to pay for it. 

“I’m going to be the best president for farmers, that I can tell you.” 

More bankruptcies have been filed by farmers than at any time in the last 50 years. American soy bean farmers used to enjoy $25 billion in sales just to China. Since Trump put his idiotic tariffs in place, China cancelled all soy bean orders after Trump’s tariffs. Trump believes that the tariffs are paid by China and that money is flowing into our treasury and that’s because he is a moron. We pay for the tariffs. He does not even have a basic understanding of economics to know that we pay the tariffs, not China. Republicans do not care about this because their stupidity confuses them and they feel like they are winning. China agreed months later to buy $15 billion worth of soy beans. After this was announced, during further negotiations they agreed to purchase another $6 billion in soy beans. 

That’s when Fox began touting the bullshit that, ‘President Trump increases farmer’s sales by $6 billion!’ Only in the most fucked up dystopian universe does losing $4 billion for American farmers equal a $6 billion increase! The pinch really hasn’t reached its full force yet but it will be much worse for American farmers thanks to Trump’s stupidity but it’s hard to summon much sympathy for them since they did vote for Trump. 

I could go on and on.

What Putin could never have imagined was just how easy it would be to buy the acquiescence of Republicans using the NRA and other sordid interest. Republicans don’t care about anything but power and there is nothing they will not sell for the right price and most of them are cheap. Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz and Devin Nunes are but a few examples of the absolute political whoredom that has infected every single Republican in office across this nation. 

These intellectual eunuchs want to investigate everything else but the Russian involvement in the elections they helped them to win. While Mitch McConnell has decided to end the filibuster so he can stack the courts with every incompetent Republican stooge with a law degree, Democrats are just now getting the subpoenas going that are going to show the world just how crooked Trump is. 

Yesterday while struggling with the differences between ‘oranges’ and ‘origins’ the Moron in Chief claimed that his father was born in Germany when his actual birth records prove he was born in Brooklyn. As if that were not proof enough of his flat imbecility, then Trump went on some idiotic diatribe about windmills making a noise that causes cancer. Noise. causes. cancer. 

Where are all the ‘good Republicans’ decrying this idiot for making them all look like the know-nothings that they are? They’re over on Fox News hurling their feces at the tv while liberals argue whether or not Joe Fucking Biden is part of rape culture because he made two women feel uncomfortable. 

For my part, I didn’t think we could usher in the Idiocracy this quickly and I am pretty sure both George Orwell and Mike Judge were trying to warn us of what was to come and not provide instructionals on how best to destroy our democracy but here we are. 

A Saudi investment firm bought leases in Jared Kushner’s 666 building and paid $1 billion in advance for those leases so he would get to keep the building. Mike Flynn and Kushner both have advocated that we give nuclear technology to the country that sent most of the radical Islamic terrorist on 9/11 the technology they need to enrich uranium that can build atomic bombs after he admitted to using WhatsApp to communicate with Mohammed Bin Salman in violation of every protocol and security clearance that exist. Do Republicans care? Of course not. Do Democrats care? Well for now, Biden making two women uncomfortable is more important so no. 

We have a traitor in the White House who has broken more laws than all the presidents in US history combined and there is not a single Republican  saying a word about it because they are all complicit. This unmitigated disaster of a presidency isn’t as much their fault as it is all the morons arguing about whether Joe Biden being part of rape culture while Robert Mueller’s report continues to be concealed from the people while Trump brays endlessly about it exonerating him as the Attorney General waits for congress to recess for two week before he presents a redacted report the day they leave. 

So we wait again until May 1st for the first redacted glimpse of Mueller’s report before the actual report leaks. We do know that Barr is going to do whatever he can to whitewash that report. I would urge the people on my side of the aisle that it is time to be in the streets but too many are busy doing the Russian’s work for them by sowing the seeds of divisiveness. 

For those sad and unfortunate souls I just want to remind you that if you want to change things then you need to change yourselves first and start being better citizens before the rest of us have to watch you watering the lawn with Gatorade. 

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