Trump And The Traitor Tots Are Going Down

Big things are coming this week. Trump is about to be stuck in a crucible never seen in this country before. Trump is at best, a compromised Russian asset and at worst, a Russian agent. The truth he fears the most is that he is not a wealthy man, he clearly isn’t as wealthy as he claims. A coward fears that his lies will be uncovered. Of course he was in business with the Russian, they’re all crooks too. 

So now that’s going to become more and more clear. As much as you might think the tribalist cult will stand by him, most will but that’s going to be the 20% left if that many. Once all the things Republicans have been hiding are brought out into the light, there is going to be a reckoning the likes of which will never be seen come 2020. 

When Watergate finally broke and the tapes were finally released, it only took a few months before Nixon resigned. This will be worse, a lot worse. Nobody can take the heat that is coming Trump’s way. Everyone then, including Nixon, thought he had the senate until the tape from April the 23rd was released. That’s when Goldwater told him it was over and the same will happen with Mitch McConnell. I suspect that was what Rupert Murdoch was telling him a couple of Mondays ago. 

All of you doubting Toms out there still whining that nothing will happen to Trump or his family will soon be asking what Mueller is not going to do to him. It’s going to be a veritable Trump Fuckfest of Bobby 3 Sticks taking everything from him. Trump will look back and eventually admit that running for president was the dumbest thing he ever did. All of them are going to get it too. Why? Because ALL of them are hideously stupid and arrogant. Pence, Ivanka, Jared, Eric, all of them are going to get it. Mueller is going in dry with a glass cactus and all these lying ratfucking traitors are going to prison. If Trump makes it through July, we will have witnessed a miracle. Throughout human history, Lady Justice is the cruelest to the arrogant despot convinced that they are above the law, just ask Marie Antoinette. 

As will all other students of history, I am going to enjoy watching America’s vengeance visit the Trumps with an infinite cruelty that their evil father has visited to too many Americans. Yes, it must be. 

“Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.” Proverbs 16:18

They. are. all. going. down.

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