Trump Captains Are Cutting Deals With Bobby 3 Sticks

I would love to be a fly on the wall in Mueller’s office. I want to know what the lie was that Manafort thought was worth him dying in prison. So let’s think about this for a minute. 

Manafort is obviously a habitual liar just like Trump. So was he lying to deceive or lying to conceal? Manafort is a desperate moron who has done something so stupid that that it defies logic on the face of it, on the face of it. The dumbest thing a criminal could possibly do is to accept a deal and then fuck that deal up. The only reason why he would want a deal is to avoid the horrible consequences of in Manafort’s case, convictions that will ensure he dies in prison. 

So he makes a deal with 3 Sticks to fully cooperate. When he signs the plea agreement, it spells out that if he lies at any point the plea agreement is void and that he will be sentenced to the maximum penalty under law. Both Mueller and Manafort’s attorneys will have explained this so there isn’t any ambiguity about the deal. Mueller before offering the plea would have shown Manafort’s attorneys the evidence he had against him. So by lying to Mueller under oath or the grand jury or whatever it is was akin to kicking him in the face and giving the finger to the judge about to sentence him. I have witnessed the aftermath of a similar situation. I was in the Judge’s chambers when it was over. We were playing chess when the US attorney came in apparently to apologize to the judge. 

“I know it wasn’t you Cleve. It was that insolent little bastard perjuring himself and that’s why I threw the book at him.” 

Strangely that was all that needed saying but that was the first time I had seen the judge angry or curse. Just from personal experience, it’s just not a good idea in general to piss off someone who holds your freedom in his hands. Cleve said, ‘I wish you could have given him more.’

“I do too but 30 years isn’t anything to sneeze at.” 

In effect, Manafort has done exactly the same thing. But why? Aye, there’s the real question. 

So I am speculating that whatever Manafort is lying about isn’t a minor detail. Mueller knows more than everyone and this smells more like a statement of a known fact to Mueller like, how many times did you tell Trump about Russian demand during the campaign? It must be something damning to Trump because if it just involved Deripaska then that would not be a deal breaker. It has to be something like, “do you know for a fact that Don Jr. discussed the meeting with the Russian before the meeting?” 

That question wrecks Trump if it is yes and Mueller already knows the answer to the question but he need corroboration that only Manafort can confirm. His confirmation takes down Junior and Jared both. One of the other things we know Manafort was indicted for was witness tampering. So what makes sense here? Manafort flushing the only chance he has to ever get out of prison or is something else afoot? 

It would have to be something big for him to throw that certainty away for lying about something minor. It has to be something big for him to throw that deal away and face an angry judge who is going to throw the book at him. The *only* better deal that is possibly better than what Mueller is offering is a presidential pardon. Those are hard to come by if you’re about to spill the beans that will lead to presidential indictments unless you are absolutely certain you are going to get a presidential pardon. 

If someone told him that if he concealed something important from Mueller and he would get a pardon, that might inspire you to wreck the deal with Mueller. Of course that would be witness tampering by Trump and that’s what I think is going on here. 

Whitaker has surely delivered anything to do with Mueller’s investigation to the White House and after seeing whatever that is would mean they would know how to sabotage Mueller. If this happened, even Republicans will vote to convict him in the senate at his impeachment. Whatever caused Manafort to roast his plea agreement, it’s something bigger than any of us can imagine and it might explain why Dipshitticus is even more unglued than normal of late.

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