Trump Has Gone Lower Than Nixon In Treachery

The liberal nonprofit American Oversight sued the Justice Deparment under the FOIA and they got access to one of Sessions’ letters that the Justice Department denied existed. Trump told Sessions to start an investigation against Hillary. Sarah Sanders lied repeatedly about this. Sessions lied about it and so did Trump. They said he never did but he did. 

Sessions wrote a very carefully worded letter full of lawyerspeak to a US Attorney in Utah named Huber and told him to look into Hillary and if he found anything to recommend a special counsel. The POTUS did order Sessions to investigate Hillary and to our eternal shame, he did it. Just like every goddamn tinpot autocrat and dictator that has ever existed. 

We were once the beacon of light on that eternal hill where we were better than Stalin, Mao and Hitler. Now we as a people have joined that crowd of evil men thanks to Trump. He crossed a line that no president ever dared to think of crossing before. It is unique in the annals of American history. Finally, an American president has used the United States Justice Department to investigate his political enemy. Not because he sought justice but because he wanted to score political points with his rabid base in the vain hope they would find something, anything to charge Hillary with after dozens of investigations turned up absolutely nothing nor did they file a single indictment or make a single criminal referral. 

A rubicon of treachery has been crossed by this wretch Trump that not even that vile crook Nixon dared to dream of. That’s where we are now. We are suffering under a president who does not even have the respect for the office that Nixon had! If we don’t start standing up against the erosion of normalcy in the White House and stop these treasonous crooks from plying their evil trade, we’re going to wake up on election day facing a very determined enemy who will have the Russians stepping in to help them finish off what’s left of our Republic.

That my friends is exactly what is at stake. If you think I am being too hyperbolic or even an alarmist, then you have forgotten the bloody lessons history has taught on so many battlefields.

“All empires fall, there are no exceptions.” Oscar Wilde

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