Trump Is Making Russia Great Again

Iran shot down a drone in its territory today. The problem with putting stupid people like Trump in charge is that they hire lunatics like John Bolton to be National Security Adviser. Bolton is a coward. He dodged the draft because he’s one of those assholes who is more than willing to send your kids off to get killed but not his. Bolton has a storied history of being a chicken hawk beating the war drum for Iran.

If you step away from the bullshit machine for a minute and look at who benefits from all of this shit, you get a clearer picture of things.

Netanyahu had a big pomp and circumstance ceremony of the new settlement he named Trump Heights for the Golan heights. There isn’t a new settlement and no money to allocate to it. Bibi then told everyone that Trump was the greatest ally Israel ever had because he too is too busy blowing sunshine up Trump’s ass to remember that actually the greatest ally Israel ever had was Harry Truman. Bibi wants war with Iran. He’s been beating that drum for 20 years.

It’s important to remember that Iran hasn’t invaded another country in 300 years. 

Qui bono? Putin. 

Putin more than any other benefits from conflict with Iran. When Obama did make the deal with Iran, they were again able to sell their oil and the glut of oil on the market drove gas prices down to below $2 a gallon. Russia is the largest supplier of oil in Europe but Putin *loses* money when crude gets so cheap. 

Of course he has his snout in Venezuela as well because as another OPEC nation is in turmoil, Putin benefits the most from this. Instability has always driven crude prices up and Putin has no interest in having the OPEC nations not in turmoil. He’s busy stealing the wealth of Russia and Russia has vast reserves of oil he can’t wait to steal but he’s not going to spend the money on opening these fields out of his own pocket and he also doesn’t have the technology. Exxon does and that’s why Putin wanted Rex Tillerson to be SOS. 

That’s why Trump is so eager to lift sanctions against Putin but he can’t wave a wand and make that happen without the consent of congress. Meanwhile Russia has gobbled up all of the trade with China that Trump started with his idiotic trade wars. Russia is now making money selling soybeans to Russia while we borrow money from China to give farmers who used to turn a profit before the imbeciles in this country put Trump in the White House. 

Trump isn’t making America great so much as he is making Russia great by sticking it to American farmers by handing markets over to Russia and by shackling the American people to a monstrous debt Republicans swore would be reduced after a bunch of imaginary revenues they promised, never materialized after their big tax cut. 

It is also important to note that only really stupid people believe the nonsense that ‘tax cuts pay for themselves’ and this means the entirety of the Republican party. You can’t teach them anything because the long history of supply-side failures does not mean anything to them because they’re morons. What we must do is find enough non-stupid people to get their behinds to the polls and if you’re not actively doing something to ensure that then you are part of the problem. 

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