Better than Bans — Ending Abortion While Saving Women’s Rights

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess we haven’t met before. And you haven’t read my 50-something other articles on every other issue. So, I understand why your first impulse is to vomit at the baby-killing liberal and throw this to the ground. But, if you made it this far, maybe think about going a few lines further. I think you’ll like where it ends up.


Section 1 — Where we Come From
Section 2 — Abortion Bans are Destined to Fail; the Realities of Today and Tomorrow
Section 3How Freddie Mercury Became the Greatest Figure in Pro-Life History
Section 4 — The Plan; Even Better Than you Think


Section 1 — Where we Come From

Since we haven’t met yet, first thing’s first: I’m not your garden variety liberal. Don’t even claim to be particularly liberal at all. And I’m barely a Democrat; only then pretty recently.

I’m a social libertarian/economic progressive, belonging to a group of other Industrial Progressives; we’ve got our own way of doing things, and come from all walks of life.

For example, I was born and raised in the Ocala National Forest. My mother was an Irish-Catholic union leader, and I spent most of my life as a Pro-Life Evangelical Christian. Still am, in my way. While my beliefs over the years have changed, this is the culture I come from. And that will never change.

So, I know you’re not all the women-hating, Handmaid’s Tail-ing monsters the liberal media tells my friends you are. And they’re not the Satanic baby-killing commies conservative media tells you they are. Everyone’s being lied to about everyone else, and as usual…it’s the media at the center of it.

That’s how they want us to see each other; but that’s not how I see you.

What I see, first and foremost, is a bunch of people who put innocent life above all else. For better or worse, though I may disagree with your reasons (or on what the Bible actually says on the abortion), I know that at the very least you believe you’re coming from the best possible place. From your perspective, you see unborn children as the singular spark of innocence in a nasty world.

Because this is a nasty world, full of dirty people…and the few innocent among us must be protected. When and wherever possible. We might disagree who those people are, or whether they’re technically people at all. But it is this humanitarian regard for innocent life, born and unborn, that is your highest quality. Not lowest.

While I don’t agree with everything certain alleged “Christians” are up to these days, this is the one thing I’ll always love Christianity itself for. An appreciation for innocent life. A belief that the helpless should be protected. Imagine the possibilities of that belief…and all the potential good lost to this idiotic and infinitely solvable debate on abortion. If we could solve this one problem, get past this one thing…just imagine all the good that your love of innocence and desire to protect the helpless could do in this God-awful world.

To that end…this is a problem no longer. It’s solved. Not by infringing on women’s right. And certainly not with bans. Why? Because, most relevantly to this discussion…

Section 2 — Abortion Bans are Destined to Fail; the Realities of Today and Tomorrow

Now, (for the purposes of discussion) let’s set aside the fact that, from our socially Libertarian perspective, it is immoral to tell another person what to do with their own body. That this constitutes exactly the form of government intrusion and forceful exercise of authority all social Libertarians should be against.

Let’s also accept as givens that you’ll never convince 75% of the population pre-viable fetuses aren’t people. That life begins at conception. The standafrd Pro-Choice doctrine begins and ends with the presupposition that a fetus is not a person. You’re not going to change their minds on this. It’s not going to happen, there’s nothing you can say to convince them, and you’re wasting your time trying. Just accept this as a given, because it generally is.

So, set aside those things for now. Ignore them. They don’t matter for this discussion. Instead, let’s focus on a few cold, hard realities facing the Pro-Life movement in 2020:

  • The entire Pro-Life movement rests on the voting power of Evangelical Christians
  • The average Evangelical is 65 or older. And they’re not getting many new converts.
  • By 2024, Progressive Millennials will have an overwhelming voter majority in this country.
  • That’s more than enough to start overturning court rulings, killing old Amendments and passing new ones.

And if those aren’t convincing enough, let’s look at this graph; abortion rates since 1973, the year of Roe vs. Wade:

As you can see, not only is abortion the lowest it’s been in the last 45 year…it’s now actually just lower than than it was before abortion was legal. This graph only goes from 1973 to 2014, but as of 2020, abortion rates are almost exactly the same as they were in 1971. Again…before it was legal.

Which tell us what, exactly? First, that something other than bans have been driving down the abortion rates, and have been since 1984. Remember that.

Second that we’ve reached the point where bans of any kind simply won’t work. We’ve hit the saturation point. This is it. Even banning abortion outright simply will not deliver significantly lower numbers than we have today.

For these reasons (along with the socio-political realities listed above) the strategy of trying to pass backdoor abortion bans through court rulings and state law is going to fail.

Not only is it pointless given modern abortion rates…socially and politically, this line cannot hold. Will not hold after the next few years. Making these deals with the Devil, supporting monsters and rapists over judges and court rulings…will accomplish nothing but getting you burned. The strategy will inevitably fail, and all you’ll be left with re future generations remembering Christians as the people who empowered the worst men on Earth, in order to deny women their rights to bodily autonomy. That’s how you’ll be remembered.

And that’s what you get for making deals with the Devil.

Fortunately…I think I have a better way. One that’ll deliver results nobody could have expected. And it starts, as most Industrial Progressive solutions do, with looking back to the past.

Section 3 — How Freddie Mercury Became the Greatest Figure in Pro-Life History

If bans are destined to fail, and court rulings can be overturned…then what’s left? What’s that leave us with? Actually, history provides a perfect solution.

Let’s look back up to that abortion rate chart, and ask: What happened in 1984-85? Why did skyrocketing abortion rates suddenly drop off during those years? And why the even steeper drop off in 1992? What happened?

Was it Billy Graham? Pat Robertson? Ronald Reagan, or some law passed?

No. It was Freddie Mercury. Lead Singer of Queen.

Or, rather, the disease he contracted.

Even more accurately, his courage in talking about it.

AIDS was first reported in 1981; also the year abortion rates hit their peak. By 1982, the public was made aware of AIDS, and abortion rates suddenly turned downward. By 1983-84, we saw massive public awareness campaigns about the dangers of the disease, and widespread government programs promoting the use of condoms.

Abortion rates begin a slow decline, but actually begin to creep slowly back up in the late 80s.

Then, in 1991, a massive downturn. Something happened that year which not only dropped abortion rates, but created a constant downward slope which continued forward almost unbroken downward to this day.

So, what massive event triggered the 30 collapse of abortion rates in 1991?

The death of Freddie Mercury.

Or more accurately, his telling us about the reason for it.

Suddenly, AIDS was back in the news again. With a vengeance. Benefits were thrown, huge awareness campaigns were launched. Most critically, perhaps, on MTV. Here, we young people were bombarded constantly with messages of safe sex, and the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases.

I recall vividly as a kid in Middle School; my first exposure to the idea of STDs (and safe sex) came by way of the condom worn as an eyepatch by Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez, of TLC. Music and media spread the message of safe sex to many Millennials, including myself.

And so, through the power of music and the death of an icon, AIDS began it’s long, 30 year decline.

And along with it, abortion.

Turns out condoms don’t just prevent STDs.

The math here is pretty straightforward: Women can conceive every nine months, men can do it every nine minutes. Well, some of us can.

And you can’t abort a baby that never existed.

So, the lesson of history is this: The single most effective method for reducing abortion is male birth control. Period. That’s it. It works better than bans, judges or Televangelists. Male birth control has always been the silver bullet for abortion. We’ve seen this pattern hold true consistently for the last 40 years. Theres as direct a correlation between AIDS, abortion rates and condoms as it’s possible to have.

Yes, over 30 million children of our generation were aborted. That is true. But think about how many more it would have been if not for the Freddie Mercury. Rock star, LBGT icon and unintentional hero of the Pro-Life movement. This man, this gay man, and his courageously public fight against AIDS, did more to end abortion than any televangelist or politician ever has or ever will.

Speaking of politicians, since I technically am one now, it must be asked:

If this lesson from history was so obvious, then why am I the first one to mention it? Why have you never heard this before? With all of these holy men and “Christians” supposedly focused on the problem, why did it take me to solve it?

Here’s why: Because they never really cared. At all. They’ve been using abortion as a political football to get Christians on the Devil’s Team for 40 years. These fake Christians have no interest in actually stopping abortion. Why would they? It’s become a very, very convenient tool for getting Evangelicals to back politicians and judges they’d have every reason to hate otherwise.

Unfortunately for them, I do care about it. I do care about solutions that will address the priorities of my friends, family and neighbors. And I can come up with them while preserving womens’ rights, and while delivering far greater, more lasting results than any ban ever could.

This is what happens when you actually care.

God bless Freddie Mercury.

Section 4 — The Plan; Even Better Than you Think

You know the direction we’re going with this. So, let’s just jump right in. My program consists of two basic parts:

  • Subsidizing Research, Development and Dispersion – No, we’re not talking about condoms. Condoms are old news. Not only has that market already been pretty saturated…frankly, I don’t even want to know what it would take to ensure guys use them. In this case, we’re talking about subsidizing other, more modern methods of male birth male birth control. More on those momentarily.
  • Monetary Incentives – We’re going to pay man not to have kids. No grand Amount, not a yearly salary. But we will offer cash incentives for men to go in and take us up on one of a few birth control methods offered.

Example methods may include:

  • The Pill – Yes, male birth control pills are a real thing now. And yes, they’re at least as safe, effective and side-effect free as women’s pills. There’s still some testing to be done, but men have the monthly Pill now, too.
  • Vasogel – This goes by many names, and uses many different substances and techniques. But essentially, it all comes down to blocking the Vas Deferens with some substance, which will break down over time. This simple procedure effectively results in temporary vasectomies, lasting 18 months to 3 years.
  • Full Vasectomy – Get the snip, take the cash. Pretty much as simple as that.


Aside from giving every American full control over their reproductive cycles, and aside from dropping abortion to practically zero overnight, my program offers a lot of side benefits you may not expect.

  • We’ll Save Tens of Billions of Dollars on Entitlements– Oh, I heard your Conservative little heart jump at that one. Kids who were never conceived don’t need food stamps. They don’t need medical care, school or (very likely, if they’re poor) incarceration later. The amount of money we could save from this directly is astounding. But compound this with the fact that people without kids are also less poor themselves…even over the cost of the program, my plan would result in probably the largest drop in entitlement spending in history.
  • It’ll also be the Largest Low-Income Economic Stimulus Package in History. How ‘bout this one, Libs! Poorer areas will be the first to jump on this wagon. The money paid to men for signing on will go directly into the poorest communities in America, providing a massive, ongoing low-income stimulus package the likes of which have never been seen in America.


Unlike most of the Fakevangelist Politicians, I’ve got nothing to hide. I’ll tell you my past, where I come from, who I know and why I believe the things I do. And, for certain, we won’t agree on all of them.

But, that’s okay. As public servants, it doesn’t necessarily matter whether we agree on every little detail. Only that we care. Sincerely. t the end of the day, Industrial Progressives aren’t about politics or talking points. We’re about results. Listening to what everybody wants, finding that difference between what is and what should be…then creating solutions to fill it. This is who we are. This is what we do, and this is what I do.

So, I end with a simple request. One, little thing. Please…don’t sell your souls to do what you think is right. Because there are people from Here who care about solving problems, and there are people from There who only want to use them. To use us.

If you disagree with my plan, or any of the specifics…that’s fine. We can talk about it. But I hope you’ll at least believe that someone from around here actually cares.

And that’s more than you can say for most.

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