No Virginia, Fox Is Not News

I need to splain something to all you “Fox News” snotlings crying about Democrats not having a debate on that network. Fox was aware of the Stormy Daniels payments in 2016 and Australian Rupert Murdoch would not allow anyone to report on it because he wanted Trump to win. 

Fox is not news. It is propaganda and the only people who watch it are brainwashed dunderheads who are convinced everyone else is brainwashed but them. They are not part of the 4th estate. They are not journalist. They have one function and one function alone and that is to manipulate you into wasting your vote to ‘own the libs.’

Until the seventies, a person could work a regular job and afford a house and a car and a family. They could also afford to send their children to college. Nowadays both parents work more and more hours. Some have health care and most don’t. Middle class people can’t afford to send their kids to college anymore. Most parents work now from paycheck to paycheck. The amount of savings has steadily declined since the 70s. Both parents work just to make ends meet. 

Mitch McConnell has said he would rather commit suicide than raise the minimum wage. Rent has gone up. Groceries have gone up. The cost of living has increased and the costs of healthcare has skyrocketed. One of the principle reasons for that is because propaganda mills like Fox have somehow convinced the people that we should first allow health insurance companies to take between 30% and 40% of those dollars to pay investors and CEOs and leave the rest for the people to pay $800 for a bag of saline solution. 

In addition to the benefits of this ‘free market’ lunacy, when Republicans passed the Medicare part D bill, they snuck in a provision which makes it illegal for the largest purchaser of drugs in the world, Medicare, to negotiate cheaper prices from pharmaceutical companies. Not only are they forbidden from negotiating prices, they are also forbidden to import the exact same drugs from Canada or other countries who the pharmaceutical companies sell the same drugs fro much less. Why do we have this insane policy? Because of Republicans and no other reason. They got their campaign coffers filled to the rim and the people got screwed. 

So how do these wanton evildoers get away with this crap? Because they have Fox churning out a daily amount of lies about immigrants and MS 13 BS which works like a baby rattle for the dunderheads who turn on that channel. They have become so wildly successful at duping the Republican base that they have changed them from loving the FBI and hating the Russians to loving the Russian and hating the FBI! Trump has a 90% approval among Republicans despite the fact that most of his senior campaign staff are now convicted felons. 

The imminent danger that Fox -I dare not call it news- poses to our Republic cannot be overstated. Not only is Fox at war with the middle-class, they are at war with the truth. Demonstrable and provable facts no longer matter to the Manchurian candidates who consume Fox’s poison on a daily basis. Foxbots are apt to say, ‘there’s no collusion’ despite the fact that Paul Manafort handed Konstantin Kilimnick 85 pages of campaign research in Madrid. They are wholly divorced from fact. 

Foxbots are prone to saying they’d rather be Russian than Democrats. Trump has done exactly nothing to stop the Russians from interfering in our elections except to say he believed Putin when he denied interfering. Do you really think Trump is going to punish someone who helped him win? Be serious. He has not imposed any sanctions on Putin but he has lifted sanctions on his henchman for very obvious reasons.

Fox is not news, it’s propaganda and if you watch it, you are not just part of the problem, you have joined the lunatic fringe undermining every principle this country was founded upon.

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