Trump’s Most Vile Lie Is ‘Honoring The Troops’

Honor the Troops.

Honor the Veterans.

Republicans always act as though they have cornered the market on patriotism but as with all things Republicans say aloud, it is an illusion taking shape in the most disgusting hypocrisy the world has ever known.

Does anyone remember that time that Barack Obama got off Marine One holding a Starbucks cup in one hand as he saluted the Marine at the bottom of the steps? I do, because it was worse than 100,000 Benghazis. Sean Hannity said, “Look, he knows there are going to be two Marines at the bottom of Marine One when he gets off, and the idea that I’m going to just jaunt out there with my chai tea, and give them the old … you know it’s not a latte salute, it’s a chai salute, because he drinks chai tea, but I mean please, how disrespectful was that?”

Because as we all know, Hannity is all about ‘honoring the vets when in the midst of a ragegasm.’

Republican hypocrisy has always made decent people sick but this past week Trump has proven that every Republican in the country would get vertigo from a sewer as he has jackhammered his way through to a new low of moral decrepitude.

A little over a year ago, Trump was on the tail end of a trip to the Middle East when he landed in Paris for the 100th anniversary of WWI. No previous president in the history of the planet had ever done more for the troops than Cadet Bonespurs, that I can tell you if you recall. The thing was that the almighty opened up the gates of heaven allowed all the tears for the fallen to cause the most tremendous thunderstorm that ever happened ever and since even Aquanet cannot hold up in a heavy shower, President ‘honor-the-troops’ didn’t make it to the cemetery to give a few words of remembrance as President Obama had in a torrential downpour during his speech at the same American cemetery.

Naturally and of course because Hannity and Limbaugh are the biggest patriots that have ever lived, they naturally took Trump to task for missing the 100th anniversary of WWI. Haha, just kidding, they didn’t say jack squat. A few days later on Memorial Day 2018, Trump didn’t bother to walk over to Arlington to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier the way Obama had for 8 consecutive years because as he told Chris Wallace, ‘I was extremely busy on calls for the country, we did a lot of calls as you know.’ Just not the call of duty that every other president did on Memorial Days before, just not Trump.

Honor the troops. Everything with Republicans is about maintaining the illusion that they are good and concerned citizens. They no more honor troops or veterans because they are so eager to start wars because as Dubya said, ‘they’re good for the economy’ and he was all too eager to concoct the evidence to send thousands to Iraq to be killed and maimed because Saddam tried hatching a plot to kill his father. It was a tremendous price for all of us to pay. We could have paid each victim of 9/11 a billion dollars and come out ahead financially without also murdering 500,000 Iraqis who did nothing to us. If you ever are in dire need of an emetic, just imagine any Republican saying they ‘honor the troops.’

Last Monday was a banner day for dishonoring not only the nation but the troops by Trump. While he was joining a man who murdered an American citizen in mocking a fellow American who happened to be vice president for 8 years and a senator for decades, Trump wished the Japanese armed forces a “happy Memorial Day.” Let that sink in for a moment.

Somehow, the USS John McCain had its name covered up by tarps at the request of some as of yet unknown White House staffer who asked the Navy to cover up the name for fear of displeasing Trump who said he liked war heroes ‘who weren’t captured.’ This from a man we now know whose father secured him a phony “bone spurs” diagnosis from one of his tenants.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders who is the people’s Press Secretary earning almost $200,000 a year in salary who also has not given a press conference in almost 3 months came out to call reports which said the White House made these dastardly request “fake news.” The president also joined the chorus calling these reports “fake news.” On Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal reported the particulars after getting copies of the emails between the White House and the Defense Department. What was called ‘fake news’ by senior government officials was now proven to be very real.

Their response to being caught lying was, “Yeah so?” Mic Mulvaney told Chuck Todd on Meet the Press that it wasn’t an “unreasonable request.” I guess that depends on who you ask and if you claim to honor the troops and veterans as much as you claim!

John S McCain Sr. and Junior were admirals in the Navy. John McCain Jr. was commander of the Pacific Fleet. They are the men who the USS McCain are named for, not the Senator from Arizona who merits a ship’s christening by any measure for his service in Vietnam and who is buried on the grounds of the Naval Academy.

No Trump has served in any branch of service in the United States military. Mic Mulvaney has never served. John Bolton never served. All the generals who Trump called ‘his generals’ are gone. Flynn, Mattis and Kelly are gone.

The destroyer USS McCain is undergoing maintenance in Japan after 10 sailors died after colliding with a cargo ship. The sailors who proudly wear caps emblazoned with the name of the USS John McCain were given the day off so the POTUS didn’t have to look at their caps and be distressed because as he said, ‘he wasn’t a fan of John McCain.’ Did he say he was a big fan of the military? Isn’t that what Republicans always say? That they are all about honoring the troops?

Well what about two admirals and a national war hero who is buried on the grounds of Annapolis? Don’t they deserve some honor and respect? And what about all those men and women who serve on the USS John McCain? Don’t they deserve enough respect for Trump to put away his petty hatred for a couple of hours so he can salute their service rather than the Japanese on Memorial Day?

If Barack Obama had done any of these things, there would have been riots and a lot of busy firefighters in Washington but no Republican even bothered to call this blatant disrespect of our sailors out for one very obvious reason, cowardice.

What is even more vile is the Navy brass who let this happen. McCain for all of his disgusting flaws was one of them. What does it say about the people in the Navy who allowed one of their own to be so openly disrespected by his fellow sailors? Honor used to matter to them but not in the age of Trump. How does a US Destroyer run into a cargo ship when they have the most sophisticated sonar, radar and surveillance equipment imaginable?

The *only* answer is the entire command structure in the Pacific Fleet who stood by and let the dishonorable POTUS take a piss on the memory of a war hero and fellow sailor without one of them resigning in disgust is full of incompetent sycophants who are afraid to speak truth to power. Honor has always been one of the foundational virtues taught in America’s military academies. Today we have a president pardoning war criminals who disgraced all the valiant soldiers who have served with honor and integrity because he has no honor and integrity. Neither does the Republican party which has been transformed into a morally vacuous lot of cultists who will ignore the debasement of themselves and the nation no matter the cost. They’ve exchanged the swamp for a downright sewer. The acrid stench from this administration is going to take a generation to cleanse.

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