Medicare for All — Sickness, Greed and Why Rick Scott is the Greatest Mass Murderer in Florida History

There is a sickness in America; its name is corruption. And there is a disease in Florida. His name is Rick Scott.

To first address the latter: Some call our once Governor-now-Senator “Valdemort,” and not without cause beyond appearance. But, personally, I refuse to remand such cutesy cultural references to a man who I consider unequivocally to be the greatest mass murderer in Florida’s history. The butcher of our people; this outsider, this corporate pirate, this thief, this liar, this detestable infection in the heart of our state has defrauded our system, corrupted our democracy and killed more Floridians than any other outsider since DeSoto. He lives to exploit our land and our people for profit, as have so many previous foreigners to these shores.

Like every other conquistador, Scott came to our state from far away in search of easy riches. Hailing originally from Illinois, then Missouri, Scott used his vulture capitalist holdings to purchase several hospitals in South Florida. Among other places. He now owns private hospitals in 38 states, and (of course) runs Trump’s healthcare policy nationwide.

Except Scott doesn’t care much about healthcare. Or Floridians. Which is why in 1997, he and his company ran the largest Medicaid scam in history, defrauding taxpayers of (by some estimates) over a billion dollars through various Medicaid overcharges and kickbacks. Scott spent all of 2000 pleading the fifth, while his company kicked him out and plead guilty to 14 felony counts of fraud. They paid $600 million in fines, and Scott kept the rest.

But simply stealing from us wasn’t enough. No. Scott wanted what every other conquistador does…dominion and death.

Riding the wave of racist backlash against Obama in 2010, Scott stole his first term the way all Republicans do: through a narrow “victory” and highly suspicious “recount” afterward. But, it was too late. Scott’s campaign of rot, ruin and corruption had just begun. It wasn’t enough for Scott to steal health dollars from us; he had to steal healthcare itself.

Evidence one of his first acts of office: denying Floridians the Medicaid expansion guaranteed under Obamacare. An act which has resulted in more than 10,000 deaths in our state alone. My friends, my family, people I’ve loved and cared for…died at his hands. So much sickness, suffering and death; and at the heart of it all, this f***ing vulture of a man.

Yes, Rickyes. I blame you. 

You loathsome son of a B*TCH.

As we all should. Rick Scott is a murderer. A villain, a monster who has rigged election after election to elevate himself higher and higher into power, to kill more and more Americans for his own benefit.

Yes, I’ve suffered plenty from lack of healthcare over my life. I was born with neurofibroma that has put me in unceasing pain for as long as I can remember. I’ve pulled broken and abscessed teeth from my head with channel lock pliers. I’ve never known anything but pain and death.

Yet, nothing gives me greater agony than seeing this filth, this excrement of greed, this cancerous conquistador and profiteering carrion eater go on to murder scores more Americans to fill his own festering bowels.

And yet, and yet, as much as I passionately hate Rick Scott…I can at least forgive evil, for doing as it is in its nature to do.

Less can I forgive our supposed Democratic “allies,” who put on the pretense of morality while taking money from the same companies Rick Scott does; who by sheer force of corruption work to deny Americans of the Medicare for All plan they damned well know we need and deserve.

These false friends, these betrayers, these godforsaken scions of Judas Iscariot…may they all rot in the same circle of Hell. As they have left us to rot on Earth. This cabal of treasonous corporate Democrats are worse than Rick Scott, who at least grants humanity the courtesy of open amorality.

May they all burn together.

There is a disease in America. And it has a name. “Corruption.”

There is a sickness in Florida.

And his name is Rick Scott.


Section 1Undoing Untruth; a Fact Sheet
Section 2 — But I LIKE My Insurance. Why Can’t I Keep it?
Section 3 — Addendum; Make it a Clean Sweep


Section 1 — Undoing Untruth; a Fact Sheet

Those who oppose MfA for all are usually the ones who know the least about it. If you’re one of those opponents, and think you know…keep reading.

The corporate media, corrupt politicians, hatemongers and the monopoly men who profit from our division have been successful at anything, it’s a fairly phenomenal disinformation campaign about MfA. Red Scare Tactics have been working on the Right for almost a hundred years now; big business conservatives have been running that play for 80 years. Amazing it still works.

Corrupt corporate Democrats, though, rely on disinformation campaigns. Lack of context, dishonest framing or concern trolling; it all comes down to the same thing.

Lies. Corruption. Distortion and fake news. So, to clear up waters intentionally muddied by corporate shills and false friends, here’s a little fact sheet about Medicare for All. If you still oppose it by the end, that’s on you. Explain why to your own children. When your son or daughter gets dropped from their insurance because of job loss, spending caps…or they just drop dead because they couldn’t afford insulin…feel free to stand over their bodies and tell them why you thought it was more important to keep feeding corporate profit margins. Tell them then what you’d give for one more day.

But stand close, and speak quickly; there are vultures in the wings. And they wait. Always.

But, if that thought doesn’t persuade you to support Medicare for All, here are a few more worth mulling over.  

  • Medicare for All is CHEAPER than the Current System. – The Media loves to throw around MfA’s predicted $32 Trillion price tag. What they don’t tell you is that the current private system is costing us over $35 trillion. Which means passing MfA would actually save America more than $3,000,000,000,000 over ten years. Almost entirely by cutting corporations and billionaires out of the profit loop. All the money that would have gone to Cayman Islands bank accounts and parties with Jeff Epstein will go right back into your pocket.
  • It’s a 15% Pay Raise for America – Another point media loves to toss out is the 5 percent tax hike from MfA. What they never, ever fail to leave out is that the average American is already spending 20 percent of their income on healthcare. And that’s getting the third-rate GarbageCare we are now. But, it doesn’t take Ian Malcolm to do this math: 20 – 5 = 15 percent. That’s how much more money you’ll be taking home under MfA compared to private insurance. For some of us, that’s our entire mortgage payment. You’re getting that back, for free…and getting amazing healthcare on top.
  • MfA isn’t Actually Medicare – It only uses the name. Most people who have it love Medicare, but it’s got its flaws. Medicare for All is a completely new program, and covers far more than Medicare ever did. Cheaper, too. Vision, dental, prenatal, cancer screenings, pediatric; if you can think of it, it’s covered. Unlike Medicare, you don’t need “gap insurance,” because there are no gaps to cover. For those already on Medicare, you’ll get more coverage for less money than ever before.
  • You Can’t Buy Insurance this Good. – Question for corpo shills: Why are you keeping Americans from getting great insurance? Even MfA’s biggest opponents are forced to admit this insurance would be a Cadillac Plan by any private standards. Better, in fact. Because with MfA, there are no deductables, co-pays or drug costs except for a few prescriptions. The most you can possibly pay is $200 per year. Try and find any private insurance plan in America that comes close to this coverage at any price. Let alone the pittance MfA will cost us.
  • Wait Times Will be the Same or Less Than They Are Today. A favorite talking point of opponents, this frank lie usually underpins a lot of the fearmongering about MfA. Fact is, we already have absurd wait times in America. Unless you have top flight insurance (sometimes not even then), you’re going to stand in line for doctors appointments like anyone else. Yet, even under this ridiculous system, you’re still not denied emergency surgery…unless the insurance company doesn’t want to pay for it. Then the line becomes infinitely long. Till you’re dead. That cannot happen under MfA, which will use the same surgical scheduling structure we have today, without worrying about whether or not that surgery will be covered.
  • You Can Still Buy Supplemental Insurance or Hire Private Doctors— The ideal is to get rid of insurance vulture and misery profiteering of all kinds. But, it may be a while before we get there. And the fact is, there are certain elective and cosmetic surgeries the taxpayer shouldn’t have to foot the bill for. Which is why almost every country offering state healthcare (which is essentially all of them but America) still maintains the option of private insurance and private doctors. This is true even at the extremes, in outright communist countries. Private doctors are still a thing; and still cheaper than any in America today.
  • There are No “Government Death Panels.” – This is one of the most despicable lies told by opponents, usually from the Infowars sphere. For two reasons. First, because by the very nature of MfA, you cannot be denied healthcare for anything it covers. Which is effectively everything. Same way you can walk into an ER for an emergency today, you can walk into a doctor’s office for cancer screening tomorrow. You CANNOT BE DENIED HEALTHCARE. That’s the whole point of MfA. There are no government death panels deciding on whether or not you get care. Structurally, legally, financially, that’s just not how MfA is set up.
  • We Have Corporate Death Panels NOW. – This is the flip side Alex Jones never mentions: We already have death panels. We already have guys in business suits deciding on who lives and who dies. Only, they work in middle management at every insurance company on Earth. They’re sitting in corporate boardrooms, deciding when you’ve hit your lifetime cap. They’re making sweetheart deals for drugs you can’t afford. They’re taking your money, and deciding to deny you treatment so they can buy a few new mansions in the Hamptons.

Medicare for All gets rid of the corporate Death Panels, and guarantees nobody will ever be denied the healthcare they need. That’s the whole point of the program. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you. And they know they are.

Medicare for All is better insurance than anyone will let you have now, and cheaper for all but the richest 5 percent of America. Including the 5 percent tax, you’re still going home with an extra 15 percent on your paycheck, and healthcare for life. You’re literally getting paid to take the best insurance money can’t buy. And you’ll have it for the rest of your life; no employer, spiteful spouse or corporate death panel will ever be able to change that.

Section 2 — But I LIKE My Insurance. Why Can’t I Keep it?

First, no, you don’t like your insurance. You like your doctor. And that, you can keep.

Matter of fact, you’ll have your choice of thousands of more health providers, because there’ll be no such thing as “out of network” under Medicare for All. If you believe in the righteousness of competition in capitalism, you have to believe this massive expansion in choice will also bring costs down.

Not that it’ll matter, because you won’t be paying any of them. But, it’s nice to save the taxpayers a few bucks. Mostly by paying unpaid bills, and cutting out the profiteering middlemen.

Who aren’t just corporations and CEOs, by the way. I love Unions in general, but let’s be real here: Much of the Union pushback against MfA comes from the fact that Union leadership is usually the one selling insurance. They might be “fighting for your healthcare,” but in so doing also line their own pockets with a slice of the profits. That’s the reality. And coming from a lifelong Union brat and thug, you can believe it pains me to say so.

So, why can’t you keep your private insurance?

First, why would you want to? There’ll still be supplimental insurance available for things MfA doesn’t cover. And you’re still welcome to go into debt paying for private healthcare yourself. But MfA is offering you filet mignon in place of that sh*t and pickle sandwich you’ve been fed your whole life. It’s better than the insurance you have now. And, as we’ve already discussed, you’ll have more choice in healthcare providers than ever before.

But, fair enough. What about Uncle Allstate?

Well, we’re getting rid of him, because private insurance companies are going to snatch up all the healthy people, and shunt the burden of caring for the less healthy onto taxpayers. They’re going to privatize the gains, and socialize the losses. Without healthy people in the public system, we’re going to have to raise taxes more and more to keep it solvent. In order to keep costs down for everyone, private insurance has to go. Believe me, you will not miss that particular sh*t sandwich once you’ve had Medicare for All. Worse case scenario, we can always give MfA a try and scrap the system later if it doesn’t work out. Which it will.

Besides, really…is life going to be that much worse with a few less corporate vultures circling overhead?

Section 3 — Addendum; Make it a Clean Sweep

Getting slightly ahead of the curve on this, one has to ask: Why do we need private insurance on anything? And how can the government compel us to do business with these people at all?

For all the stink raised about the unconstitutionality of Obama’s Individual Mandate, it’s striking to be that nobody ever mentions the other things government forces us to carry insurance on. Like cars. It’s always been a peeve of mine that the government forces me to remand a portion of my income to a private corporation, for the right to operate a vehicle I’m already federally licensed to operate. How is this not unconstitutional?

And yes, this is a personal irritation when it comes to car insurance; for me, and I imagine many others. But it’s still small potatoes compared to what trucking companies have to pay. Smaller still compared to what other businesses have to pay for bonded insurance, on both property and the business itself.

How can the government coerce us into doing business with a private corporation? If they’re going to mandate insurance, then they should at least offer a public option. Or, better yet, just get rid of insurance companies altogether, and enact some federal equivalent of Medicare for All, for everything. At least then taxpayers would be getting some of their own insurance money back. Why let Corporate America have the profits, when we could keep them for American citizens?



Those are the logical arguments for Medicare for All; which it should be clear by now I unequivocally support. Not Medicare for All Who Want it, not Medicare for Dogs…not any of the other wannabes trying to ride off the success of Bernie Sanders’ plan. Which polls at over 60 percent right now; higher among those who actually know what’s in it. Which you do, now. So, I hope you support MFA on the logical arguments alone.

But, beyond those points lay a deeper issue. A rot at the soul of our nation.

Not just corruption, exemplified by our bought-and-paid for “friends” in the Democratic Party. Not just the outright evil of conquistadors, mass murderers like Rick Scott. Who stole our healthcare dollars, and then murdered our people by stealing healthcare itself. Though my outright hatred for this sickening monster can never be overstated…I say so with the understanding that hatred itself is the sickness.

Hatred makes us stupid. Predictable. Controllable. It causes us to act against our own interests to hurt those we hate. At the core of the Right Wing’s dismissal of universal healthcare is hatred of the Other. So consumed are they with the division sown within their own hearts, they care more about hurting the people they don’t like than helping their own families. That level, that degree of engineered hatred is precisely the reason why our people die in the streets today. And continue to, for as long as the hatemongers gather power.

So, I leave you with this:

We wrestle today not with policy and politics, but with powers and principalities. This isn’t a fight for healthcare, and it isn’t just a fight against corporate power. This is a fight against evil itself; against injustice, corruption, the destruction of our democracy and the desolation of our people. Because no matter what walk of life you hail from, we are all Americans here. We have been exploited, we have been murdered; we have been thrown down, stepped on and told under the boot to blame those next to us.

This is a fight for life, against death. For everyone.

The choice, from here, we leave to you.

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