Mueller Didn’t Exonerate Trump, He Implicated Him

It’s just so overwhelming isn’t it? How did we get this far? I was lucky to have a dad who loves to read and a mom who loved books but hardly read them. I sometimes wish I could go back and tell my younger self to give history a rest and get into literature but as I have said many times before, we all arrive at the truth at our own speed. You could spend your life just reading old Bill Shakespeare and English language authors from the 18th century and it would not be a wasted life. That’s wisdom to a certain degree but what makes wisdom possible is the dignity of life which comes from being semi-fluent in history. It illuminates the human condition more than anything else of significance. 

I can’t really sort through any of the thousands of books in my head and select the best to recommend. It’s like debating beautiful women, it’s an exercise in futility because the best or most beautiful is in the eye of the beholder. I do tell people who care to ask what the most disturbing books I’ve read are and there I always have a quick answer: A Thousand Days of Sodom by the Marquis D’Sade. It’s going down a rabbit hole of depraved debauchery that still gives me chills thinking about just how grotesque and obscene it is. But the very worst and most haunting book I’ve ever read is Eyewitness Auschwitz. Man’s inhumanity to man really woke me up to what evil truly was. 

It’s all there in black and white you know? I saw a meme or a poll somewhere that said some ridiculous percentage of Americans don’t believe the Holocaust actually happened despite all known evidence to the contrary. It’s an uncomfortable thought to see that millions of people in our beloved country don’t believe in facts but then we have 40% of the country believing ‘no collusion’ and whatever other hell drips out of the diseased mind of the most corrupt commander in chief that has ever soiled the White House with his vile presence in all of American history. 

History will record that one of the very few true sentences ever uttered by Donald John Trump was, “Oh my God. This is terrible. This is the end of my presidency. I’m fucked.” Though I am loathe to ever agree with Trump about anything, this is one instance where even a broken clock was correct. Yes, Donald, you are proverbial and literally fucked. 

First, I want to address all of your nattering ninnies who have been a constant source of unwavering doubt that anything will ever happen to this crime family, do you ever get tired of being wrong? It’s okay, I understand your skepticism but friends, let’s be blunt and honest with one another on this historic day of the 18th of April, 2019. Bobby 3 Sticks delivered a mortal blow to this administration and to the Trump family today. It’s going to take volumes of work to dissect and disseminate all the crimes that Mueller revealed and Bill Barr is trying to feebly cover-up but there are a few incontrovertible facts that you need to be armed with from here on out. 

1. Our enemies in Russia interfered in our election. It was not China or anyone else. It was our old cold war enemy alone and it was not some 400 pound guy. 

2. They interfered on behalf of Trump. They wanted Trump to win. He asked for their help, the next day, the GRU hackers broke into the DNC and stole information. 

3. The Trump campaign had numerous secret meetings with Russian agents. Every single member of the Trump campaign and the Trump family *lied* about their meetings with Russians. 

4. Trump lied about seeking a deal with Moscow for the entirety of his presidency. Sean Spicer and Sarah Sanders also lied to the American people about the Russian deal and other documented instances by Mueller. The Ministry of Truth from Orwell’s 1984 is here and now. 

5. Both Jared Kushner and Don Jr. greedily accepted aid and assistance from Russian agents. 

6. Paul Manafort gave campaign statistics to Konstantin Kilimnick specifically in battleground states. Kilimnick handed that information over to the GRU who also conspired with their Internet Research Agency and Cambridge Analytica to use Facebook as a tool for information warfare. Cambridge Analytica was funded by the right wing billionaire Robert Mercer. Steve Bannon was also gleaning information developed at Cambridge Analytica to use to help Trump win. 

7. The GRU spent unknown quantities of money on facebook and instagram to get their propaganda infiltrated onto social media using right wing networks like Tea Party Patriots. 

8. Russian oligarchs funneled $30 million through the National Rifle Association into the Trump campaign. Jared Kushner met with a Russian agent in his office who suggested the best way to get sanctions lifted. He did not call the FBI to inform them of this. Instead he handed the Russians’ proposals directly to Rex Tillerson and told him to make it happen. This is treason. 

9. Paul Manafort and Roger Stone both conspired with Russian agents to use the stolen information in the most effective way to help them win the election by inflicting as much damage as they could on Hillary Clinton. 

10. At every turn since he stepped off that podium after taking his oath of office, Donald Trump has not challenged the Russians for their crimes against our Republic. Instead he has violated his oath of office by ignoring the rule of law and being servile to the Russians who helped him win. 

These are impeachable crimes that Mueller put before the people of the United States in all of their criminal glory. Now we can see the naked villainy of Mitch McConnell who is certainly the worst traitor this country will ever know. He and his Republican accomplices are busily filling the federal courts with every right-wing incompetent stooge they can find so that when congress begins doing their duty, the stooges will keep the evidence of the Trump’s many crimes in a constant state of limbo where subpoenas will be challenged for perhaps years. 

Far from ‘complete exoneration’, what Mr. Mueller and his team of justice assassins have compiled is what any legal mind would see as not only as the most chilling of indictments but indeed a roadmap as to how Mueller himself would prosecute this traitor and expel him from Oval Office. 

The Republican base are simpleton tribalist who do not care one wit about the future of the United States. What matters now are the 15% of “independents” who fell for the con and if they will purge this crime family from their seats of power.

Even more important now is if Democrats are going to exercise their only option now which is to begin impeachment proceedings against Trump. 

This is a perilous time for everyone concerned and this cannot stand. The only option I see now for Nancy Pelosi is to finally pull the trigger and turn the dogs of war loose on the Republican party. Make no mistake, Mueller’s report is in point of fact an indictment against the crook in the White House. 

It is time we put the enablers to the question. Let Mitch McConnell refuse to try Trump in the Senate. If enough Republicans defect and there is a trial, then they need to have that treasonous anchor chained around their necks like an albatross. Let them refuse to convict him and go before their electorate as the sycophantic stooges that they are. Let them own every bit of the conspiring with Russians that they are guilty of. 

A few weeks ago, I was sure not bringing impeachment articles was the best course for us to take back our government. After a tertiary glance at Mueller’s report, it is now imperative that we as a nation begin the proceedings because after today’s revelations, what we are witnessing is the death of the Republican party. Because they have devolved into a seditious cult of reprobates, they deserve to face the most dire consequences that can be delivered to them. 

The wolf never troubles themself with the thoughts of sheep. It’s time to loose the dogs of war. The survival of our Republic depends on it, lest we groan in the chains of tyranny again. That’s what’s at stake, the survival of our Republic. 

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