Re-Forge America — Richard Rowe, an Introduction

Welcome to the New Industrial Revolution. An introduction from Richard Rowe.

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America is broken.

The world is broken.

And we are out of time to fix it.

A century of war, fossil fuels, injustice, corruption, consumerism, corporatism and greed have broken not just the mechanism of our society, but the spirit of our people.

We’ve embraced nihilism, despair and discontent as the natural order of things, forgetting all we once were or dreamed we could have been.

The enemies of our people have exploited our poverty and planet, our petty hatreds and deepest fears to manipulate us into serving every interest but our own. They’ve thrown sand into the engine of innovation, starved the fuel of opportunity and demanded we be thankful for the wreckage they’ve left behind.

Well…f*** those guys.

This isn’t about banging out a few dents anymore. It isn’t about driving forward in the broken machines they left behind; it’s time for the fires of discontent to rage, to liquefy the steel of convention and cast it anew into whatever form we choose.

It’s past time to stand up, to take the hammer into our own hands; to re-forge our world into a place where our children may live better lives than those of our parents.

They, who broke the world, now presume to tell us how to fix it; they who cling to power even past death itself, now stand between us and our last chance to fix what they’ve destroyed.

This is the eleventh hour. Our final opportunity to move beyond mere progress, and embrace who we are. We are the children of innovators and inventors; Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, Howard Hughes and Nikola Tesla. We follow a legacy of innovation, courage and entrepreneurship: Whitney, Ford and Carnegie, Einstein, Lindbergh, Von Braun and Armstrong. Some Americans born, others immigrants adopted into the soul of our nation. But all a part of who we are.

This is what it means to be an American. We are fearless. We stand up for the little guy, and lift the poor from desperation. If only to see their potential. We promise this opportunity, and this dream, to all who stand between our shores. We promise this hope on the foundation of our forefathers.

Because that is who we are.

To be an American is to fight, in the courage of hope. To fight for the future, and never surrender. To believe that, together, we are worthy to wield the hammer of progress, and re-forge this world into a better place. Into all it can be, existing as it may within the reach of our own imaginations. This is a conceit, a caprice and an entitlement Americans have earned through centuries of sweat and blood. We work for the sake of work, and achieve for the sake of achievement. This great nation was born into the cause of human potential, and opportunity for all. And the white-hot flame of its denial burns within us.

Now, right now, is the time to stand up. Because it’s the last chance we’ll get. Now is the time to wield the legacy of our forebears, and forge America into a place worth saving.

We can, and we must. It is our destiny, our duty and our right. 

This is who. We. ARE.

So, to all who impede us, a word of advice.

The fire rages. The die is cast. And this hammer is coming down. One way or the other.

So get out of our way. Before it comes down on you.

About me

I’m a Progressive. But more than that, I’m the Industry Guy. The small business, mechanic, truck driver, opportunity-for-all and innovation Guy. The guy sitting at Charlie Horse with beer and laptop. Maybe, by you.

I was born and raised in Marion County Florida…seventh generation. I’m Central Florida, blood and bone. The Forest is my house, and America my hometown. As a truck driver, I’ve seen every inch of this country from sea to sea. Been homeless in Miami, a mechanic in the Keys; been shot a few times, shot at more. Escaped a hurricane in a junkyard hot rod, and seen the injustice and corruption of our legal system from the inside.

I’ve seen the nasty side of life here. No question. But our home doesn’t have to be as dark and hopeless as so many of us have found it. One step forward and two steps back. Working as hard as we can to keep ahead of the bill collectors. Never gaining. We work more for less than ever, with injustices piling by the day.

But, I still believe in what this place can be. The vision I once had of our home: that it could be beautiful. That Central Florida could be a beacon of hope, technology, industry and progress not just for America…but for the world.

As a kid, I saw the Forest as a magical place; green trees and deep blue springs, Spanish moss and fireflies. Whipporwills in the summer evening, and night blooming jasmine in the air. I imagined the city; a clean and bustling metropolis, shining in white and chrome. A home for all, music in the air, everyone on the way somewhere. In my mind were factory workers driving brand new cars, grilling hot dogs on the weekend with their families.

The city of my heart shined, and every moment was another tomorrow waiting to happen. I saw our home as a place of hope and potential, happiness and opportunity, surrounded by the most beautiful Forest on Earth. Eden’s metropolis; that is the Central Florida I imagined.

And after all I’ve seen…somehow, I still believe in it. That vision. Foolishly, naively, against all logic and experience…through the darkness of experience, Eden’s metropolis shines still.


That’s the vision I had of our home growing up here, and I’ll do anything it takes to see it through. Not for myself, or just for the people who like me; which, frankly, I expect to be as few as ever. Not for the money, which I could make just about as easily driving a truck. Not for power, which has never been anything but a means to see the vision through. But for everyone, no matter who they voted for.

You don’t need to be a Democrat to be my neighbor; to live in this magical place, this ancient land. You don’t have to be my friend to benefit from what I hope to achieve, in creating this beacon of hope and progress for all mankind. Because making friends isn’t my priority. Building this is my priority. You are my priority. And I’ll do anything it takes, irrespective of friend or foe, party or preference, to make our land the place I always knew it could be.

I’m a progressive. Yes. I’m the Industry Guy, the Tech Guy. The economy and small business guy. True. But more than that, I’m Central Floridian. Blood and bone. This is my home, same as yours. I’ve got a vision for this land of ours, the ideas to get there, and I want you to be a part of it. We, together, have the power to re-forge our home, America, and indeed the entire world into something truly beautiful for forever to come.

We can build this. Together. We can create the place I dreamed of, that so many of us dreamed of, so long ago. The world we imagined then can be ours tomorrow; and our children’s, for as long as they care to keep it.

I believe in this vision. And I hope you will, too. But the road is long, and the first steps lay ahead. Here’s where I would start.

  • End Corruption and Election Fraud – Nothing matters more than this. No corruption or corporate PAC money; free, fair, convenient and secure elections for everyone. We’ve got an app for that.
  • Green New Jobs – New industry happens when we make it happen, and I intend to do exactly that. Florida is perfectly positioned to become a clean energy colossus, an industrial powerhouse and global center for new technology. All it takes is a few good ideas, and the will to see them through.
  • Small Business Opportunity – Time to stop pretending as though Walmart was playing the same game as Mom ‘N Pop’s corner store. Capitalism is going to eat itself alive if we don’t return to a carriage economy; where big and small business work together to the benefit of all. Industrial Reform, an entirely new corporate tax structure, and programs to bring money back into America…and into our communities.
  • Medicare for All – It’ll save $2 trillion over ten years, provide better insurance than you can buy from any company today and cover everyone in the country. I’ve watched too many loved ones suffer and die from lack of healthcare. Screw insurance companies. HARD. Vultures and parasites, the lot of them.
  • Criminal Justice Reform – It’s time to dismantle the Injustice Machine. End the failed War on Drugs, no more Ticket-to-Pocket pipeline or corporate prisons, kill forever the Prohibition-Era Plea Bargain at the core of it all, and give our law enforcement heroes the money, training, tools and oversight needed to ensure they act as the heroes they were meant to be.

This and much more on every issue you care about. Visit us at our social media sites, and join the fight for tomorrow, today. Time is running out…and the future depends on you.

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