Re-Forge America — Richard Rowe, an Introduction

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America is broken.

The world is broken.

And we are out of time to fix it.

A century of war, fossil fuels, injustice, corruption, consumerism, corporatism and greed have broken not just the mechanism of our society, but the spirit of our people.

We’ve embraced nihilism, despair and discontent as the natural order of things, forgetting all we once were or dreamed we could have been.

The enemies of our people have exploited our poverty and planet, our petty hatreds and deepest fears to manipulate us into serving every interest but our own. They’ve thrown sand into the engine of innovation, starved the fuel of opportunity and demanded we be thankful for the wreckage they’ve left behind.

Well…to Hell with THAT.

This isn’t about banging out a few dents anymore. It isn’t about driving forward in the broken machines they left behind; it’s time for the fires of discontent to rage, to liquefy the steel of convention and cast it anew into whatever form we choose.

It’s past time to stand up, to take the hammer into our own hands; to re-forge our world into a place where our children may live better lives than those of our parents.

They, who broke the world, now presume to tell us how to fix it; they who cling to power even past death itself, now stand between us and our last chance to fix what they’ve destroyed. Today’s generation works longer and harder for less than any before; and there’s no convincing them otherwise. It is up to us to become the solution, while time remains for it to matter.

This is the eleventh hour. Our final opportunity to move beyond mere progress, and embrace who we are. We are the children of innovators and inventors; Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, Howard Hughes and Nikola Tesla. We follow a legacy of innovation, courage and entrepreneurship: Whitney, Ford and Carnegie, Einstein, Lindbergh, Von Braun and Armstrong. Some Americans born, others immigrants adopted into the soul of our nation. But all a part of who we are.

This is what it means to be an American. We are fearless. We stand up for the little guy, and lift the poor from desperation. If only to see their potential. We promise this opportunity, and this dream, to all who stand between our shores. We promise this hope on the foundation of our forefathers.

Because that is who we are.

To be an American is to fight, in the courage of hope. To fight for the future, and never surrender. To believe that, together, we are worthy to wield the hammer of progress, and re-forge this world into a better place. Into all it can be, existing as it may within the reach of our own imaginations. This is a conceit, a caprice and an entitlement Americans have earned through centuries of sweat and blood. We work for the sake of work, and achieve for the sake of achievement. This great nation was born into the cause of human potential, and opportunity for all. And the white-hot flame of its denial burns within us.

Now, right now, is the time to stand up. Because it’s the last chance we’ll get. Now is the time to wield the legacy of our forebears, and forge America into a place worth saving.

We can, and we must. It is our destiny, our duty and our right. 

This is who. We. ARE.

So, to all who impede us, a word of advice.

The fire rages. The die is cast. And this hammer is coming down. One way or the other.

So get out of our way.

Before it comes down on you.

Industrial Progressives, the Old-School Party of Results

I’m a Progressive. But more than that, I’m the Industry Guy. The small business, mechanic, truck driver, opportunity-for-all and innovation Guy. The guy sitting at Charlie Horse with beer and laptop. Maybe, by you.

If you’ve read my story, you know I’ve seen the nasty side of life. It’s been a very, very long 39 years. But, that’s all in the Story. What you want to know is…what IS an “Industrial Progressive,” exactly? In short, we’re the old-school party of results…not identity.

For a more thorough explanation, click the link. Otherwise, here’s the two-page summary:

Our Platform

  • THE PRIME DIRECTIVE — Industrial Progressives do not, under any circumstances, take money from big corporate interests. We will work to further local business, because local business is part of the community. But that’s where it ends. We don’t take money from big corporate donors, or PACs to which they contribute. Either by direct donation, or maxing out individual donations. If your company trades on Wall Street, is part of a national franchise or has branch locations outside our constituency…then piss off. We don’t need your money, and don’t want it. This is the Prime Directive, diamond etched into titanium-dipped tungsten carbide from now until forever. No Big Corporate money. Period.

  • Saving Capitalism from Itself — Capitalism does not exist in nature. It must be created, regulated and maintained to survive in a global economy. Otherwise, competition will die, innovation will cease and the whole damn system will eat itself alive. We want to regulate industry, control global corporate power, and restore America to the Small Business Economy that made it great to begin with.
  • Harnessing the Power of Industry to Serve Humanity — Capitalism is a big, stupid horse. Let it run wild, it’ll stomp your crops, destroy the farm and ultimately die of starvation. But put a harness on that same horse, direct it where you want it to go…suddenly it’s the most valuable tool on Earth. Industrial Progressives work to harness the power of industry to solve problems; we direct it, and guide its direction to deliver the results best suited not just for our survival…but its own.
  • Technological Solutions for Human Problems — Be it guns, abortion, election security or climate change…we’ve got the tech for that. Industrial Progressives are about maximizing personal freedom and opportunity, preserving rights and thinking outside the law to deliver the best solutions for everyone.

Some of our Specific Goals

  • Industrial Reform — A massive slate of regulatory strategies and tax plans meant to shift power from Wall Street to Main Street. Away from major corporations, and into American towns and cities. Toward smaller businesses, competitive startups and independent innovators. This is how we create jobs, get out of the Cheap Crap Game with China, end the self-destructive cycle of consumerism and craft a sustainable economy of opportunity for everyone.
  • End Corruption and Election Fraud – Nothing matters more than this. No corruption or corporate PAC money; free, fair, convenient and secure elections for everyone. We’ve got an app for that.
  • Green New Jobs – New industry happens when we make it happen, and I intend to do exactly that. Florida is perfectly positioned to become a clean energy colossus, an industrial powerhouse and global center for new technology. All it takes is a few good ideas, and the will to see them through.
  • Medicare for All – It’ll save $2 trillion over ten years, provide better insurance than you can buy from any company today and cover everyone in the country. I’ve watched too many loved ones suffer and die from lack of healthcare. Screw insurance companies. HARD. Vultures and parasites, the lot of them.
  • Criminal Justice Reform – It’s time to dismantle the Injustice Machine. End the failed War on Drugs, no more Ticket-to-Pocket pipeline or corporate prisons, kill forever the Prohibition-Era Plea Bargain at the core of it all, and give our law enforcement heroes the money, training, tools and oversight needed to ensure they act as the heroes they were meant to be.

Check the linked page on Industrial Progressives, and the related article on Small Business to get a bigger picture of what we’re about. Or see the article directory at the bottom of this page for a full catalog of our policies, positions and ideas.

Section 3 — Origin Stories — Hot Rods, Homelessness and Living on Lizards in the Keys.

Everybody has an origin story. This one’s mine…but it could be any of yours, too. True, not everyone spends parts of their lives street racing, carving Malibu canyons in a Kenworth, going homeless on tropical islands or running for Congress. But the things we share are what unites us. If you’re interested, check out “Origin Stories — Hot Rods, Homelessness and Living on Lizards in the Keys.” I bet you’ll find some of yourself in it, too.

Find us on Facebook at or visit us on Twitter @ReforgeAmerica. Or, you can contact us directly via email at


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