Terrified Trump Lashes Out As He Realizes Biden Could Beat Him

Right now, the clear frontrunner to become the Democratic nominee for the 2020 presidential race is former Vice President Joe Biden. This could be because of name recognition – after all he was Vice President for eight years to one of the most beloved Presidents of our era, Barack Obama. Biden makes people think of better, less frightening, more sane days. But, more to the point, Biden has a very real chance of beating Donald Trump in 2020 and ending the national nightmare that in some bizarre twist of fate and a fluke of the electoral college became America’s reality.

Vice President Biden is a proud son of Scranton, Pennsylvania – right smack dab in the middle of the rust belt. With regards to 2020, this is highly significant, because that is the part of the nation that helped break the notorious “blue wall” and send Donald Trump to the White House. It seems that this fact is not lost on Trump. On Tuesday morning, the toddler in the West Wing did what he does best, and lash out at the person he feels most threatened by at the moment.

Biden reportedly has decided to remind the nation and world that Trump is an “existential threat” as long as he remains in the White House. Trump shot back by labeling Biden “one percent Joe,” and saying that he is “slower than he used to be,” seeming to reference Biden’s health and potentially his age. Like the king of fast food can afford to compliment on how anyone takes care of themselves.

Trump also credited former President Obama with taking Biden “off the trash heap” by taking him from failed presidential runs to the White House.

Trump, of course, is full of it. He wants to damage Biden because Biden has the potential to draw the same kinds of voters that Trump drew. He’s an old white guy from a working class background, whose family happens to be from the very area Democrats lost to Trump in 2016. Remember folks – whenever The Donald acts like this, it is because he is worried. That’s what people with troubled narcissistic personalities do when they feel threatened – they lash out. Trump is perhaps worst of all at that.

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