The Cancer On This Presidency Is Terminal

If you were a kid when the movie War Games came out, it might have made an impression on you. It did me anyway. It doesn’t hold up as movie today but I wanted to use the line when Matthew Broderick puts in the game of tic tac toe into the computer and after calculating every possible way to play it, the computer says at the climax of the movie, ‘The best move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?’ 

If you only used the 32 pieces on 64 squares, you could represent the possible number of chess moves as 32 ^64th power. But that wouldn’t account for how many squares one piece can move which would add another calculus that would have a number so large that it is somewhere around the number of atoms in our galaxy.

The point I want to make here is that once you’ve gotten to the level of a master, you can tell when you are playing someone who isn’t because they make mistakes. The better players don’t make blunders and the very best can exploit even a micro-mistake. The truth is that if you get two true masters together, they will play to a draw every single time.

I remember not too long ago when Dr. Sebastian Gorka was working in our house for this president and he went on Fox and he said two things that were branded into my memory the moment he said them and I apologize in advance for sharing them but it is important to understand the pathology of a disease before it kills you. 

He said, ‘the alpha males are back in charge.’ and ‘Donald Trump is playing three dimensional chess while everyone else is playing checkers.’

I know that hit the Fox viewers like an orgasm because it sounded good and was something that confirmed what they hoped was true to justify their vote for Trump. Those statements hit me like listening to someone singing Joe Cocker’s When the Night Comes on a karaoke machine when they are piss drunk. I mean they can open their mouths and make sound come out of it but it’s hardly Joe friggin Cocker is it?

Gorka saying Trump played ‘three dimensional chess’ to my mind was like saying Kevin McCarthy was giving a lecture on Diophantine linear equations when after his 60 minutes interview last Sunday, he has me wondering how his brain can generate enough power to move his legs. I was going contact the Vatican and report that miracle but I don’t think even the pope can fully comprehend the flat imbecility of that moron to see what a miracle he is. 

Historians are going to recap this week as the week that led to the end of Trump but they are all going to miss the most important point as to why. Those of us with IQs somewhere above the domesticated animal range saw the principal defenders of the president come out this week and say on air, over and again that what the president did was not illegal because ‘he doesn’t know it’s illegal.’ 

I like to call this the ‘the pigeon doesn’t know knocking over all the chess pieces and pooping on the board is losing’ defense. It’s similar to the military using the ‘shock and awe’ of our awesome military weaponry only the Republican’s weaponry is stupidity.  They’re not questioning that what Trump did was improper, they’re questioning whether or not it is criminal and since to them, it isn’t criminal then it isn’t impeachable when the obvious question everyone else on the planet is asking is why is someone with the intellect of a pigeon the President of the United States? 

“There’s no quid pro quo!” is what Trump said and his sycophants in the United States Senate came out and proudly recited it. What these members of the senate forgot to remember is that Trump does not know what ‘quid pro quo’ means. Apparently these senators believed that along with being a very good businessman that Trump was actually a stable genius Latin scholar. 

Senator Ron Johnson valiantly defended Trump last Wednesday absolving him entirely of any wrongdoing whatever. On Thursday, Ron just happened to be speaking to a Wall Street Journal reporter and shucks, he mentioned the very conversation he had with Gordon Sondland and guess what? He done told him that Trump held up the Ukranian aid until they started an investigation into Joe Biden. I used to wonder why the Romans used to feed people to the lions but not anymore. It must have been very satisfying. 

If Ron Johnson was forced to decorate some dominoes with his IQ points, he might get to three but then again, I am an eternal optimist. 

Not to be outdone though, Trump came out and showed why Nixon believed ‘if the president does it, then it can’t be illegal’ when he came out and confirmed that he did ask the president of Ukraine to investigate Biden and in the next breath asked China to do the same. Apparently he is also unaware that if he were to shoot someone on 5th Avenue in the head, he would go to prison but not lose any support from the base who want to own the libs at any cost. 

I must pause here for a moment to underscore that Trump’s certain impeachment is because Rudy Giuliani believed in a conspiracy theory he read on some nitwit right-wing site with the logic being: Hunter Biden gets job with corrupt Ukranian>Joe Biden along with all of our NATO Allies want the prosecutor who is doing no investigation at all fired> Hunter Biden got paid money therefore Joe Biden is corrupt>also potato>also area 51> aliens.

No part of this conspiracy has any attachment to anything resembling reality or even a single solitary fact. What Trump was asking was not to find any corruption but to manufacture evidence to prove his conspiracy from another country that is being occupied by Trump’s bestie, Putin.

Whoever said, ‘this is like Watergate, only with morons’ was not wrong because we did not have to wait even 24 hours to get verifiable proof that Trump did indeed ask the Ukrainians for a favor though. Bill Taylor is a career diplomat  who worked for both the Bush and Obama administrations and he saw the scheme Mr. Sondland was plotting with Trump to get the Ukrainians to start investigating Biden in exchange for the $400 million in aid and called it crazy. 

We have the texts proving that it was a quid pro quo scheme in violation of American law and Trump’s oath of office to protect and defend the constitution of the United States from enemies foreign and domestic. The problem being multifaceted with Trump being the domestic enemy our founders feared. 

After this scheme was discovered by one CIA lawyer, a criminal referral was sent to the Justice Department. The Justice Department said that it was not correctly formatted, so they ignored it entirely. A CIA officer reported a crime the President of the United States committed and instead of doing his duty to the American people, Bill Barr covered it up. 

There is no way to spin these facts. Republicans for decades have claimed to believe in the rule of law especially when they were impeaching Bill Clinton for perjury. Here we have the grossest abuse of power we have every seen in this country along with the president giving our sworn enemies top secret classified information inside the Oval Office and they still have trouble saying that the president committing felonies in full view of the people is wrong. 

What Trump delivered this week was a cancer diagnosis to the Republican party and not even Jesus Christ himself could save them from their god-forsaken fate. That is what they are coming to terms with right now. Are they going to go to leave a legacy of unbridled sycophants or are they going to try and salvage what will be left of a party in Trump’s ashes? 

For all of you cynics out there, Trump will be removed from office. He has followed Nixon in almost every way and the Senators are going to have to do their civic duty and vote to convict Trump. He wants to be a martyr. That’s better than losing the election to a woman for him. 

The question that is going to wreck this presidency is ‘are we willing to give Democrats the presidency and 63 seats in the senate for Trump?’ Because that is exactly what’s at stake for a party drunk on power right now and Mitt Romney doesn’t drink. Pit vipers don’t commit suicide either. They will eat their own and that is a show I am eager to witness in the coming months. The sooner they get it over with the better, for the people and the country. 

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