The Conspiracists Are Now Running The White House

“The Alpha males are back in charge!” 

That’s what Dr. Sebastian Gorka said on Fox News when he was working at the White House. He was also one of the pundits who was on Hannity who was beating the Seth Rich drum that was quite literally manufactured inside the Kremlin that Hannity never shut up about and never apologized for. You’d literally need a helicopter to stay above the horse shit conspiracies that intellectual eunuch puts out but one conspiracy he never wants to discuss is his Phd. 

Hannity loves calling him ‘Doctor Gorka’ because it sounds a lot better than, ‘I plagiarized a dissertation that can no longer be found in my Hungarian university’ but hey, you know these conspiracy theorists never lie. 

Gorka was fired by John Kelley for unknown reasons but it probably has something to do with the embarrassing Seth Rich horse shit that moron would never shut up about. Gorka has come back now to serve the White House and he is now accompanying the Secretary of State on his trip to the Vatican as a ‘member of the press’ though he holds no press credentials anywhere. 

What is even more troubling is that the president of the United States is now claiming that there is a conspiracy to conceal Hunter Biden’s crimes. You could ask what those crimes are but the only answer you are going to get from this administration is potato-brained word salad. 

Trump, Barr and Pompeo are all actively trying to get other countries to take measures to lift the sanctions on Russia and they are doing this in secret. When Congress asks them to explain their actions, they give them the finger. When Congress issues subpoenas the employees of the United States Government, Pompeo gives them the finger. They have no fear of breaking the law because they work for a president who has announced that he will pardon any of his administration who might be charged with anything. 

Since the release of the whistleblower complaint, we as a nation have had to listen to the nonsensical Republican talking points that the whistleblower did not have first hand information and is a partisan. The president has suggested that he is a spy. The whistleblower is obviously an American so who exactly is he spying for? Russia? 

When anyone rightly points out that they impeached Clinton over a consensual relationship they say, ‘HE COMMITTED PERJURY AND THAT’S WHY WE IMPEACHED HIM!’ Great my dear Republicans. We agree that perjury is a crime and we both don’t want presidents committing crimes like perjury right? So please splain me why you all didn’t file the impeachment charges against Trump for his perjury in his answers to Robert Mueller? 

This administration is the most crooked administration the United States has ever known and now we have to go down the rabbit hole where the president proffers conspiracy theories that have been debunked as if they are still a reality while Bill Barr, Rudy Giuliani and Mike Pompeo galavant around the planet on the tax payer’s dime trying to strong arm any government they can into manufacturing evidence to confirm these conspiracy theories. Both Barr and Pompeo have violated their oaths of office. 

Both are also flouting federal law by refusing to comply with subpoenas from Congress. Can you imagine if Republicans issued subpoenas for Hillary’s state department and she told them to go F*** themselves? But this and conspiracy theories are the new normal we have to put up with because Mitch McConnell will never hold the executive branch to account for their crimes against our Republic. 

The lunatic fringe is where conspiracy theories loom. The president wants to murder whistleblowers and if anyone tries to impeach him, there will be a civil war. He’s threatening the lives of the American people and our Republic. He and his minions are actively soliciting other governments to interfere in our 2020 election to help Trump. Republicans are entirely silent about this because their heads are buried in their own hypocrisy. 

If you think this is bad now, imagine what another four years of Trump will do to this nation. Trump will burn the White House to the ground if it keeps him from going to prison. Republicans are the most vile hypocrites the world has ever known. Remember that next November.

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