The Lord Of Idiots, Donald Trump

I have a Caesar bathtub. It’s like 2.5 normal bathtubs and I only use the shower. So I do a lot of my best thinking in the shower as I play chess on the tiles. So just now something occurred to me. Trump is so ignorant and stupid that he has all the confidence of a lunatic on speed. He has nobody around him who cares enough about him to tell him the truth. Giuliani has repeatedly said that the pay offs were not paid with campaign money so it is not a campaign finance violation. I wrote extensively about how stupid Rudy is and how incompetent he is as an attorney and it occurred to me that Rudy has reached the age and level of forgetfulness or senility that he does not remember the law. 

Amazingly enough, Andrew Napolitano has all but said Trump will be convicted of felonies and what he did was nothing compared to what John Edwards did. So I watched some of Laura Ingraham tonight and she too is walking backwards. I’m also remembering that Rupert Murdoch went and talked to Yurtle McTurtle on labor day. So I see these fox propagandists walking backwards and it tells me that something bigger is coming down the pike. 

Yesterday without question was the single worst day of Dipshitticus’ presidency. This week has been the worst because a multitude of his lies are proven to be just that. 

Yesterday, in his Fox interview which was of course 100% bullshit and lies, Trump did what is to my eye, breaking attorney client privilege. 

Michael Cohen has given an interview to George Stephanopoulus (I don’t know how to spell his name so fuck off) which will air this morning on GMA. Last night Lanny Davis said, “Cohen is going to be the John Dean of this.” Lanny is not one to bullshit. His word is gold and he is not partial to hyperbolic bullshit. So when he says that Cohen is going to be the one who *wrecks* this presidency, he damn well means it. 

Cohen is going to drop something huge I suspect in a couple of hours. Even without all of the redacted parts of Mueller’s reports, Trump is mortally wounded. He cannot survive both Cohen’s and Pecker’s testimony that he was in the room when they discussed paying off Karen Mcdougal to avoid the political blowback. The longer the Republicans allow their charade to continue, the more damage it will do to them because they’re bleeding too and the midterms sobered them up to that fact. 

Emmet Flood the now White House counsel is not incompetent or stupid. He knows exactly what the gravity of the situation is and that Trump is in serious legal peril. Trump has never listened to one of his lawyers about anything. I don’t think any lawyer can advise him to flee the jurisdiction ethically. So I don’t think he will now. He’s going to try to hold out, which is great. I cannot see any other path historically or legally where Trump doesn’t go to prison. That will make this an all too American tragedy. The inauguration committee can only account for $53 million. Where’s the other $54 million missing? 

Those state charges will put him in Attica for the rest of his life. The sword of Damocles is going into the fat meat starting today. Expect chaos from here on out.

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