The National Nightmare Is Here

I remember this Baptist pastor coming to my Pop’s house needing a lawn mower repair. We had to stop what we were doing to attend to him because pastors serve the Lawd. 

Granny had made a mess of fried chicken so we were eating with him and he brought up the ‘money-grubbing Jews’ who were going to be in a lake of fire for murdering Jesus and not believing that he was the messiah. They were all going to burn in hell because to get into heaven, you gotta believe in Cheezus! 

Another time, I went to a cocktail party/fundraiser for a politician where I heard a bunch of N-word and Fa**ot jokes. You know this politician. 

It was all fine and dandy because I wasn’t gay or black but that all changed when I met some gay guys and their parents sent them off to a pray away the gay camp where they were tortured by the people their parents paid to torture them. They were all of a particular sect that Mike Pence is in. Then I met one of those guys who had been taken out to Naval Ordinance by the police and beaten bloody. I remember one cop saying, ‘it ain’t like you’re gonna see the bruises on a N-word.’ 

Somewhere along the way I realized that all these people had one thing in common, they were ‘conservatives’ aka Republicans and they were stupid but I repeat myself. 

I pointed this fact out to many of my relatives multiple times as I got older because the thing about injustice is that it eats at your conscience, if you have one. That was something they were also very short in. They called me names and said I was crazy as many do now because it’s easier to question an opponent’s sanity than confront your own stupidity. In Kentucky, I can’t tell you how many years I was subjected to the sentiments of those sometimes well-schooled dullards. 

They were in private the shifty people who concealed their hatred and bigotry as if it were virtue, not vice. Another trick besides questioning your sanity is to call you a liar. You can see it everywhere right now on any conservative page. You can say, ‘Trump committed an impeachable offense by asking Ukraine to manufacture evidence against his political rival.’ 

“Neuh uh! Obama signed an agreement to consult with the Ukraine on legal matters you liar!” 

‘Okay skippy, what exactly are the ‘legal matters’ Trump was consulting with the president of Ukraine?’ 


Then when you inform them that the FEC states that asking a foreign government for help in any election is illegal they say, ‘well that law is stupid!’ No skippy, you’re stupid. 

And that’s what I truly love about Trump. He’s revealed their secret villainy and laid it bare before the country. There is no ethic he has not violated. There is no conservative principle he has not debased. 

They used to claim to be ‘fiscal conservatives’ but Trump has exploded our deficit. 

They used to be ‘free traders’ and are now silent as Trump imposes tariffs on friend and foe alike. 

They used to know Russia was our enemy. Now they are their friends because they help them win elections. 

They used to be for government accountability yet now, they say nothing as their president threatens the life of a whistleblower who followed the law they helped write!

If a democratic Secretary of the Treasury refused to hand over the democratic President’s tax returns in violation of federal law, Republicans would have already impeached that president and removed them from office with democratic help. 

If Eric Holder had told the DNI not to send a whistleblower report to congress also in violation of federal law, Republicans would have already removed him from office and then impeached the president. 

I remember Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell bemoaning the very serious crime of perjury that Bill Clinton committed and was impeached for. Today they ignore the perjury Robert Mueller reported Trump committed in lying multiple times in his answers. 

The last few days, Republicans have said that Trump didn’t solicit foreign interference from president Zelensky despite the fact that Trump admitted it. They went out on the Sunday shows and lied to the American people with impunity all to defend a debunked conspiracy theory that no sane person would ever repeat.

Today, Trump went outside the Oval Office in our house while trade negotiations are imminent with China and said that China needs to investigate Biden. He also admitted openly that he did ask Zelensky to investigate Joe Biden. He is openly committing felonies in public and the cowards in the Republican party are silent. 

There is no light at the end of the tunnel for Republicans. They have quite literally strapped themselves into a ship that is sinking because they would rather die than admit their mistake in voting for an amoral serial felon. 

That’s what they are so afraid of, the Republicans among us. We’ve seen their naked villainy and they aren’t embarrassed in the least that Trump is a moron. They don’t care if he breaks the law. They don’t care if he jeopardizes our national security by giving top secret information to the Russians. They don’t care if he weakens NATO. And the reason why they don’t care is because they don’t care about America or preserving our democracy. 

If Trump were running for King, 63 million Americans would vote for Trump because their brains have been subjected to propaganda for so long that they don’t know truth from lie and they just don’t care anymore. They’re dying and taking the country down with them is their last act, an act of spite from a petulant and ignorant populace who never bothered to learn the lesson of the boy who cried wolf. 

Now the wolf is here and they think it’s grandma. Everything with Republicans is an illusion. They stand for nothing. They believe in nothing and I can’t thank Donald John Trump for proving that to all of my family members who can’t look at themselves in the mirror and see the monsters they are now. 

I told you so long ago and you called me insane but I know who and what you are. You’re legitimately vile cowards, debased in every conceivable way.  

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