Trump Again Proves He Is The Dumbest Man Alive

It is yet another day when the POTUS has embarrassed the nation yet again after proving that he knows absolutely nothing about sexual reassignment surgery.

Britain’s top Trump apologist Piers Morgan interviewed the mentally challenged ignoramus on Good Morning Britain where he did mention cadet Bone Spurs’ skipping the Vietnam war. Trump made sure to mention that nobody ever heard of Vietnam before that war and that he has made up for not serving in the military by giving $700 billion to the Pentagon for stuff, you know, like the king.

If you thought that was the end of Trump’s epic dumbfuckery, you’re about to be sadly mistaken because here Dr. Trump tries to square a round peg by trying to explain how he’s going to be so awesome for the LGBTQ community while kicking transgendered soldiers out of the military.

Watch this video on Twitter.

But wait, there’s more. Trump took a dive into the surreal when Piers asks him about why anyone needs a semiautomatic rifle? Trump tries to cobble together a word salad and fails spectacularly while praising a man who murdered 58 people in Las Vegas. Go to the 6:00 mark to hear Trump praise Stephen Paddock.

Trump is a very dangerous imbecile who doesn’t know the difference between climate and the weather. Trying to improve his understanding of either is an exercise in futility because the moron cannot even accept the fact that Americans pay the tariffs he imposed on the China despite Larry Kudlow and Mic Mulvaney admitting this easily verifiable fact.

Trump doesn’t care about any facts that contradict his infantile understanding of any subject he offers his conjecture about. He doesn’t even have a remedial understanding of any particular subject and Republicans love him for it. Their thirst for happy talk and hatred for immigrants is unquenchable which are things Trump and his surrogates are all too happy to provide to the brainwashed base that basks in the moral turpitude of Trump while drowning in their own hypocrisy.

If there were a single half-witted semi-competent staffer in the White House, they’d clobber Trump in the head anytime he was near a microphone to save the nation from the embarrassment of Trump dropping yet another thermonuclear stupid bombs.

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